Water Facts

We recommend that wells be tested annually, usually in the spring after high water, which is a common source of contamination for wells. Another source of contamination would be a very dry summer, therefore we also recommend testing in the fall.

Other triggers for testing your water

  • If there is a change in color, odor, turbidity or taste
  • If your plumbing or well pump has been worked on or replaced
  • If the wellhead has been flooded or the cap is defective
  • If the well is new or has never been tested
  • If the well has not been used for a period of 2-3 months or more
  • If the water supply is near surface water

What should I test for

  • All wells should be tested for bacteria annually
  • Nitrate/nitrite as well as arsenic are of concern in the Missoula area
  • Lead is a concern in older homes (it comes from the pipes).
  • Pesticides and herbicides in agricultural areas
  • Petroleum products and other chemicals, depending on the area
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